Key West 2019 Gouge #1

Posted: 9/1/2018

Key West_2019 All Hands Gouge # 1

Dates:  4 – 11 Feb 2019

Location:  Truman Annex, NAS Key West

Theme:  Fun, Fellowship, Memories

Firsties:  Tom and Rose Wolfe ‘70
phone:  703-503-1384 (home)
703-424-0739 (mobile – Tom)
703-424-0740 (mobile – Rose)

⇒⇒⇒ New for 2019

The following information is provided to assist chapter members who plan to attend the 2019 gathering in preparing for their journey.

Newbie gouge

⇒⇒⇒ Extended stay privileges at our campsite on Truman Annex

  • Extended stay privileges, as described below and subject to certain conditions (also listed) have been authorized for those wishing to arrive early or remain at our campsite after the come-around concludes.
    • All Chapter members attending the come-around are eligible.
    • Arrival at the Truman campsite is permitted as early as Sat, 2 Feb 2019.
    • Remaining at the Truman campsite is permitted until Wed, 13 Feb 2019; campsite must be completely vacated no later than Wed, 13 Feb 2019.
    • Members who participate in the extended stay are required to pay the normal nightly campsite fee for each night of their extended stay.
  • Extended stay privileges will not impact the official dates of our event as stated above.
  • The Chapter is deeply grateful to the CO NAS Key West and the MWR support staff for making these extended stay privileges possible.

⇒⇒⇒ Vertical exhaust stack for on-board generators (often referred to as Gen-turis) – good news, bad news story here:

  • Good news – preliminary indications suggesting very large turnout for 2019!  😊
  • Bad news – considering anticipated level of participation, we may have to pack ourselves a bit closer than in the past, especially if we should encounter wet field conditions.
  • In the interest of both common sense and consideration for fellow campers, let’s all ensure that we have the ability to direct the exhaust from our on-board generators away from our next-door neighbors’ entry door and/or immediate surroundings.

⇒⇒⇒ Super Bowl party (Sun, 3 Feb 2019) – ad hoc activity for those arriving prior to 4 Feb.

  • Snacks, munchies, etc. – BYO
  • Location – at the tent
  • Weather risk alert: It’s Feb in Key West, less than paradise-like weather conditions, i.e. cold and/or rainy, are possible.
    • Due to date/time of this event, there is risk that we may have to view the game dressed in foul weather gear.
    • We understand it happened several years ago. ☹

Camping at Sigsbee or Trumbo

  • Reservations are required for stay at either campground if arriving prior to our event.
  • Reservations can be made online at or by calling 877-NAVY-BED.
  • When guests transfer to Truman, the site will not be “lost” or “given” to someone else if they are planning to return to the campground from Truman.
  • Additional information at Navy Getaways Campground.

Note – if someone wishes to assume role of event coordinator for the ad hoc Super Bowl party, firsties will not refuse your desire to assist.   😉



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