2020 Navy-AFA Caravan (20191026)

Posted: 10/26/2019

Navy-AFA Caravan_2020

Join Tom (’70) and Rose Wolfe for an exciting and fun-filled caravan to the 2020 Navy-Air Force football game in Colorado Springs, CO on 3 Oct 2020. This multi-event itinerary will include the following come-arounds:

Hannibal, MO (3 days/4 nights)

o Dates: Arrive Fri,18 SEP; activities 19-21 SEP; Depart Tue, 22 SEP (allotting 2 travel days to Mason City, IA)
o Firsties: John (’77) and Eileen Madaio
o Campground: Mark Twain Cave campground
o Note – Hannibal is planned rendezvous/jumping off point for caravan itinerary.

Mason City, IA (3 days/4 nights)

o Dates: Arrive Wed, 23 SEP; activities 24-26 SEP; Depart Sun, 27 SEP (allotting 4 travel days to Colorado Springs, CO)
o Firsties: Tim and Joan (’81) Platz
o Campground: MacNider Campgrounds

Colorado Springs, CO (5 days/6 nights)

o Dates: Arrive Wed, 30 SEP; activities 1-5 OCT; Depart Tue, 6 OCT (caravan concluded; independent steaming to participant’s next destination)
o Firsties: Tom (’70) and Rose Wolfe (unless someone else wants to volunteer to assume firstie responsibilities for this event)
o Campground: TBD by firsties

Caravan notes:
1. Hannibal, MO is the planned caravan rendezvous/jumping off point.
2. Travel between each come-around will be via independent steaming.
3. Caravan participants will be able to join or depart the caravan at their leisure throughout the
4. Tom and Rose requesting chapter members planning to participate in either the entire caravan
itinerary or any part thereof to advise their intent via either
a. Email at tsrjw71@gmail.com, or
b. phone
i. 703-424-0739 (Tom’s mobile)
ii. 703-424-0740 (Rose’s mobile)