Letter from Chapter President Feb 2020 (20200217)

Posted: 2/17/2020

Chapter Members:

With the Key West Come Around 2020 in the rear view mirror, I have an opportunity to bring everyone up to date with the Chapter and Board actions.

Bylaws: We now have the newly Adopted Bylaws by which we will be operating. The updated Bylaws are posted on our chapter website: rv.usnachapters.net

The new Bylaws expanded the number of board seats to 10; added a new position of Vice President and also contain a provision for the President to appoint as a non-voting board member a spouse of a regular member. I would welcome any spouse interested in serving the chapter on the board to contact me.

Elections: I have appointed nominating committee for the seats to be filled in 2020. Here in a nutshell is the status of elections: Nominating committee is chaired by Jim Connors and assisted by the board members who are not up for renewal. The committee is to announce a slate by March 1. The slate will be announced and published by email, on our Facebook page and on our website. Voting occurs in April and announced at our national meeting in May for the new board to take effect.

Board Seats expiring in 2020:

President, Jack Parry, will stand for re-election, 2nd term
Treasurer, Dale Gange, acting, will stand for election, 1st term
Board Member, Andy Wehrle, will stand for re-election, 2nd term
Board Member, Tom Wolfe, will stand for election , first full 2 year term

Any regular member interested in being a board member contact me, eeusna67@aol.com or Jim Connors, jimcbrd@aol.com prior to the end of February.

Website: An interactive membership application on the chapter website has already reaped benefits for informing the board and the new member with automated email notifications. Such improvements resulted from moving the Chapter website to the USNA Alumni Association servers. Thanks to Andy Wehrle for his continuing efforts to maintain and improve the website. All members are encouraged to comment and suggest ways to improve the site. Please send those suggestions to Andy or any board member.

Website Resources: Firstie Guidelines for conducting Come Arounds is published on RV Chapter website under Come Around ‘How To’ – thanks to Dale Gange for beginning the revisions to the older document and to all who gave input.

The Guide to Key West Come Around, is updated as needed and published on RV Chapter website for old and new attendees. This effort was begun by Tom Wolfe with input from past and present board members and Firsties.

Upcoming Come Arounds:

Looks like 2020 will have 7 Come Arounds. Not a record but a great trend!
Check for details on the website or Facebook under Events or contact the respective Firsties directly.

Thanks for your support. Keep it between the ditches……………..

Jack Parry ‘67
Chapter President, USNA Alumni RV Chapter

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