Spring 2022 Western- Member Involvement Comearounds (20210928)

Posted: 9/28/2021

The Chapter now has many new members out west. We are therefore planning on having two or three
western comearounds in the Spring of 2022 in order to meet new members, expose them to what our
events look like, involve them in the process, and train them to put on events.

Looking at western members by location, Texas and California (11 and 8 members respectively) are the
most obvious locations to hold comearounds. Between Arizona and Nevada we also have 7 members. If
there is enough interest and support, we will probably have a third comearound somewhere in that

The plan is to first post this where we normally post events, then start soliciting individual support
through direct contact of western members.

We are thinking of all this happening in the Spring of 2022, probably in the April/May timeframe, so it is
time to start planning. I think we would make a swing across the southwest, first having an event in
Texas, followed a week or so later by one in the Arizona/Nevada area, then finally one in Southern
California. I would envision each comearound being about five days long. One arrival day, one
departure day and then three days of activities.

For eastern members attending the event we are mainly plan the event at the specific locations and not
planning other stops/activities enroute. If you want to do something such as, "Stop at the Grand
Canyon” you would either do this as we transit, or do this on your return trip on your own.

At this point everything is very fluid, but I do want to start the planning process.
I would like to learn;

  • Who might want to assist within the areas mentioned?
  • Who might want to assist among current members in planning the entire trip?
  • Who might want to just attend the events?

After the planned October comearounds, I will start contacting people and doing more detailed
planning. You may contact at dandsgange@comcast.net or 561-578-7123 (cell)

Western comearounds Firstie — Dale Gange