2022 Key West Update (20211005)

Posted: 10/5/2021

At last! The RV Chapter is planning its return to NAS Key West Truman Annex Beach. At this writing, no Firsties have come forward for the ComeAround. Have no worries as the KW ComeAround will occur unless hurricanes or pestilence occurs to alter our access to Truman Annex Beach. The entire chapter board of directors is committed to keeping the Key West tradition of 20 years alive. 2022 will be the 21st occurrence of the Key West ComeAround.

Jack Parry will continue as the first point of contact for KW ComeAround reservations onto Truman Annex Beach during the ComeAround, eeusna67@aol.com.

2022 ComeAround dates: Sunday February 6 – Monday Feb 14, 2022. For dates either side the official ComeAround at other NAS Key West camping sites, direct contact with NAS KW MWR for those arrangements will be the responsibility of the member.

Tom Wolfe ’70, chapter vice president, is maintaining an open channel of communications regarding security and access changes directed to all Navy installations for those members and guests who do not hold IDs authorized for access to NAS Key West facilities. He will continue to be the chapter point of contact between NAS Key West security and attendees to the ComeAround. Following confirmed reservations with me, all attendees not having access to MWR facilities will be connected with Tom for gaining access.

To repeat, currently the ComeAround dates for Truman Annex Beach are Sunday, Feb 6 to Monday Feb 14, 2022. (The Super Bowl is scheduled for Sunday, Feb 13, 2022.)

We are limited to 25 RVs on Truman Annex Beach. A wait list will be created if more than 25 members are interested.

Members without RVs on Truman Annex are welcome to make lodging reservations and join in the chapter activities. It’s a great time to be in Key West. Again, please contact me directly for details and reservations at Truman Annex Beach, eeusna67@aol.com.

For the old timers to NAS Key West, there have been changes to reservations and space available at Sigsbee and Trumbo campgrounds Patti and Jay Williams ‘67 ventured down to Key West in August ‘21 to scope out MWR processes and facilities. Jay reports very strict adherence to MWR and NAS Key West directives. I suggest navymwrkeywest.com and read the Lodging/Campground information or downloading the app, NavyMWRKeyWest.