2022 Watts Bar Update (20220315)

Posted: 3/15/2022

HORNSBY HOLLOW 2022 RESERVATIONS – September 19-25 (Monday – Sunday)

Hornsby Hollow Campground now has an automated reservation system we will be using this year! In order to use this system – please review the campground map and choose based upon your power needs and location desires. Your camping location will be reserved via the automated system – Campspot!

Activities for our 2022 Comearound will be at the pavilion area – and Vanessa and I as your Firsties – will be in spot 79. The following sites along the pavilion circle are currently reserved for our USNA Chapter campers:

63-64; 66-69; 72-78; 84; 86-90; 92; 107-109

Please note on the campground map – some of these spots are 30 amp and some are 50 amp. The rest of the spots along the pavilion circle that we do not have reserved – will be occupied by full season campers. If you would prefer a different view and a longer stroll to the pavilion area for Comearound activities, there are spots available along the first circle. Availability for these spots along the first circle will show up when you make your reservation on-line.

From 1 April – 17 April, the campground will release the hold on our reservations – enabling you to make your reservations on line. This is our recommended time for you to make your reservations. You can pick the spot you want, provide your personal information and credit card – all on line, and be set with the camping spot that best meets your needs and desires. As the saying goes – “The early bird gets the worm!” As in past years, the campground is offering our Chapter the “weekly special” of seven nights for the price of six, if you so desire during our Comearound.

If by chance a camper not in our USNA RV Chapter makes a reservation for one of these “reserved” spots during this time, the campground will move them to another spot – ensuring all of these spots are available for our use.

Making a reservation during 1 April – 17 April: Click on the Hornsby Hollow red banner/red box to book a site. Provide your desired site number and personal credit card information. DO NOT pay the additional $10 site lock fee as requested by the software. We will be working with the campground to “lock you into your site” manually after the campground validates with us you are a USNA RV Chapter member. If for some reason you have to cancel your reservation – you will be charged a $15 deposit fee up to 48 hours prior to the Comearound start date. If reservations are cancelled within 48 hours of check-in time, you will be responsible for the $15 fee along with one night of camping.

If you are not comfortable committing to a reservation yet in April, there are other opportunities to make a reservation.

After 17 April – all of the sites not reserved from the above list will go back “on hold” until 1 June. During 17 April – 1 June, you need to call the campground or Vanessa to make your reservation manually. After 1 June, all of our unreserved sites listed above that are not reserved, will be available to the general camping population.

To summarize our check in dates:

1-17 April: Reserve your camping spot via clicking on the Hornsby Hollow red banner/red box on the Hornsby Hollow website: www.hornsbyhollow.com.

17 April – 1 June: Call the campground or Vanessa to manually reserve one of the reserved campsites on hold for the USNA RV Chapter. Hornsby Hollow: (423) 334-1709. Vanessa Hallihan: (410) 991-0253.

After 1 June: Reserve your camping spot on line – nothing is being reserved for our use. Best of luck getting a camping spot.
Weather: September can be warmer than our usual October dates and you MAY want to run your A/C (if you have one). Temps the end of September average in the mid 70’s with lows in the 50’s.
Please plan accordingly.

Comearound Activities:

While we haven’t finalized the Comearound activities at this time, this is a list of our current thinking.

I-75 Raceway Car Races on Saturday, 24 September https://i75raceway.com/
Cumberland Playhouse: The Buddy Holly Story, Thursday, 22 September https://ccplayhouse.com/
Wine Tasting
Sweetwater Farm Tour and lunch: https://sweetwatervalley.com/
Soup Night
Flag burning at the Campfire
Patriotic song singing around the Campfire
Several breakfasts, lunches and dinners
Biking, hiking, and kayaking
White Elephant and Chapter Meeting
Questions: If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email or call.

Tim Hallihan: tim.hallihan@yahoo.com, 443-848-9959
Vanessa Hallihan: vhallihan@yahoo.com, 410-991-0253