Open Letter from Retiring President (20220609)

Posted: 6/9/2022

“As I step down as the chapter president on June 1, a thank you is heartfully extended to all who have supported me and the USNA RV Chapter during my tenure.

To the three former chapter presidents, Jim Roberts ’59, Bill Bradshaw ‘63 and Jay Williams ’67, thank you for being available each and every time I needed guidance and retrospection. You were invaluable to me and the chapter.

To the chapter members who stepped forward to serve on the board, thank you for your support and work on behalf of the chapter. Together we accomplished a great deal in evolving the leadership of the chapter; the 50%+ growth of the chapter, and the continued involvement in the chapter’s engagement during the pandemic. We grew larger and stronger because of your combined commitment.

Thank you to the members who continued to be active and who volunteered to lead our Come Arounds; who volunteered to work during our gatherings; who attended our Come Arounds. This is how and why we continue to thrive as a chapter.

To the spouses of our members, my thanks, joining with the thanks from all the members, as we say – you are the real backbone and workers in making the chapter the wonderful experience that it has been for 20+ years. The board recognized your importance by modifying the CHAPTER BY-LAWS to include a seat at the table to represent all our spouses. Without your work, our motto would not be ‘we don’t just do lunch’.
To our associate members, thank you for pitching in to enhance chapter gatherings. You are a welcome addition and a wonderful partner in helping us to excel.

I would be remiss if I did not recognize ‘Nita Parry who not only supported my leadership but volunteered in 2014 to be the chapter Shipmate correspondent for the past 8 years. Much of the chapter growth certainly points to the presence which she maintained by providing Shipmate magazine with columns in every issue and the featured profile articles.

Now, before I cast off into the haze of being a past-president, a hearty welcome to our new members who joined in early 2022. Jim Salamon ’72; Sandra & Darren Anderson ’83 of Baltimore, MD; Lee Ann & Bill Kostrub ’86 of Murphreesboro, TN; John & Sofi Loomis ’99 of Annapolis, MD. Welcome to y’all.

To all who read this column, we depend on volunteers, not just to be board members, but to raise their hands to create Come-Around events and provide active assistance in planning and implementation of Come-Arounds. We don’t just do lunch! Come, join our happy band and be active.”

Jack Parry ’67
Chapter President, 2018-2022