Recreational Vehicle Chapter Bylaws


To serve and support the Naval Academy and the members through activities which will encourage and facilitate friendships, association and bind alumni together.


Article I – Name and Location

The name of the organization, as recognized by the United States Naval Academy Alumni Association hereafter called the Alumni Association, shall be the Recreational Vehicle Chapter of the United States Naval Academy Alumni Association, hereafter called the Chapter.

This Chapter has no geographic boundaries.

Article II – Membership/Dues

Regular Member – Any person who has been sworn in as a Midshipman at the Naval Academy and whose service has not been terminated under other than honorable conditions is eligible for membership in this Chapter. He or she becomes a regular member of the Chapter, entitled to one vote and to hold office, upon payment of the annual dues as set by the Board of Directors.

Associate Member – Any person who is eligible for membership in the official Alumni Associations of the other United States Service Academies (Army, Air Force and Coast Guard) is also eligible for associate membership in this Chapter. Spouses of deceased regular or associate members are eligible to become associate members.  Friends of the United States military services not otherwise eligible for membership may be granted associate status by the Board. An Associate Member is dues paying but non-voting and may not hold office or be a member of the Board.

Dues – All members will be expected to share the actual cost of operation, which will include the preparation, reproduction, and distribution of the roster. This amount will be set by the Board and kept to an absolute minimum. It will not exceed $5 per year per member.

Any member may be suspended or expelled from membership in the Chapter for due cause by a vote of the Board of Directors, or may resign upon submission of his/her resignation in writing to the Secretary.

Article III – Officers

The Officers of the Chapter shall consist of a President, Secretary and Treasurer. The office of Secretary and the office of Treasurer may be combined and held by a single individual at the discretion of the members. Officers shall be nominated and elected as herein provided.

The term of office shall normally be for two years

The benefits of electronic mail to this Chapter are recognized and all person holding office are encouraged to have access to that means of communications. It shall be required for any individual serving as Secretary.

The President may, at his/her discretion, appoint any individual member to an Honorary Board Member Status in recognition of an individual’s exceptional service to the Chapter. This will be a non-voting position for a term of five years. This position may be vacant.

Article IV – Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, hereafter called the Board, shall consist of the Chapter Officers and four other regular members.

Four members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.

Regular members to serve on the Board may be nominated by the existing Board or by a nominating committee and shall serve for two years. The Board will approve new Board members.

Article V – Duties

The President shall preside at any meeting of the Chapter and of the Board and shall exercise the power and duties usual to that office.

The Secretary shall keep a record of the names and addresses of all the members, record minutes of meeting of the Chapter and the Board.

The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all funds of the Chapter and keep them safe. He/She shall prepare and present for audit a statement of all receipts, expenditures and fund balances as of May 31st or when requested by the Board. The Board is charged with setting the fees charged to members within the limits of Article II to prevent both the accumulation of an excessive balance or any operational debt.

Each Officer may have other duties as assigned and authorized by the Board.

The Board shall have general charge and control of the activities and properties of the Chapter not otherwise provided for.

Other regular members may be appointed as chairpersons and members of committees and directors of programs and projects as determined by the President with the approval of the Board.

Article VI – Nominations/Elections

Chapter Officers and Board members shall be elected by the general membership. The President, Treasurer and two board members will be chosen in even numbered years, and the Secretary and two board members in odd numbered years. Each year the President will appoint a nominating committee. Nominations for each position shall be submitted to that committee during the month of February.

The webmaster and SHIPMATE scribe will take steps to ensure that the election information is available to the membership.

The slate of candidates will be announced on 1 March.

Voting will take place during April, closing 30 April.

The nominating committee will tally the votes and submit the findings to the board. The results will be published on the web site and announced at the National Come Around in May.

2. Voting and related correspondence may be conducted by any convenient means and need not transpire during a chapter meeting.

Article VII – Amendments

Any regular member may propose an amendment to the Mission, or to these By-Laws. Any amendment proposed must be supported by a majority of the Board before being presented to the entire membership.

Proposed amendments may be submitted via e-mail or U.S. mail to the entire Board.

The proposed amendment shall be submitted by the Secretary in writing (e-mail is acceptable) to all members. Members will be given thirty days to respond by either e-mail of U.S. mail. Two-thirds of the votes received within this period will constitute approval and it shall become effective provided the amendment is in accord with the Mission and By-Laws of the Alumni Association.

Article VIII – Meetings

Regular Chapter meetings are impractical; however, at gatherings (Come Arounds), rallies, caravans or other events typical of recreational vehicle owners, a Chapter meeting should be conducted if an officer or Board member of the Chapter is present. Individuals are encouraged to initiate this type of activity on their own or with other members or groups of members either large or small. It is through this kind of action that this Chapter will accomplish its Mission Statement…..

‘To serve and support the Naval Academy and the members through activities which will encourage and facilitate friendships, association and bind alumni together.”

The effectiveness of the above is greatly improved through sharing of our individual experiences. Members are expected to report activities through the Chapter Secretary, Chapter Webmaster or Shipmate Secretary for inclusion in the Chapter web page and Shipmate column.

3 April 2009